Wild Fox Wines

Certified Organic

Our wines are sourced only from grapes grown from our estate vineyard along the Gawler River west of the Barossa Valley under our true practices and the guidelines of our certification.

Our vineyard has been organic since 1998 and is A Grade Certified in organics and biodynamics with the Biological Farmers of Australia

Our Motivating factors are two fold:

  • Caring for our own health
  • Caring for the long term health and sustainability of the environment achieved only through sustainable Organic and Biodynamic farming practices. There are many articles on the benefits of Organic and bio-dynamic farming.

Certification of Organic Wines is by adherence not only to Chemical free vineyard, but also in the winemaking and bottling of the wine. The vineyard, winery and even bottling premises need to adhere to strict certification criteria.

Organic Farming
Biological farming is a phrase to describe biodynamic and organic farming. Both use innovative, non-chemical techniques for farming in harmony with the environment and providing nutrient rich, healthy soils from which healthy produce is grown.